TinyTag Data Logger

TinyTag Data Logger

Data Logger – Assured Process Verification

Sterifeed Pasteurisers utilise real-time data logging to record the key ‘milk temperature’ as proof of treatment.

The TinyTag data logger is compatible with all pre-2014 Sterifeed S90 and S180 Pasteuriser models, as well as the T30 Pasteurisers.

The data logger takes a reading of the milk temperature for every minute the milk is being treated in the pasteuriser. The data logger records the time and temperature data of each pasteurisation treatment cycle. Once the pasteurisation cycle is complete the information can be downloaded via the USB to a PC. This gives a permanent record of the satisfactory treatment of every batch. The TinyTag data logger enables the customer to have data verification and proof of treatment for all milk or formula pasteurised, with instant data retrieval.

The data can also be printed in either graph view or list format so that proof of treatment can be clearly read. The data can be exported to excel to aid data sharing within your institution.

TinyTag comes as a set or components - data logger only, customised angled probe only or as a calibrated pair

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