Sterifeed S180 ECO Pasteuriser

Sterifeed S180 ECO Pasteuriser

Sterifeed’s large capacity pasteuriser was designed for the demand of larger Human Milk Banks and Special Feeds Units. Sterifeed’s S90 and S180 – model human milk and special feeds’ pasteurisers are the gold standard for safe pasteurisation in hundreds of Human Milk Banks and Children’s Hospitals around the world, with over 300 units operating worldwide.

The S180 ECO Pasteuriser has datalogger-driven cycle times and a Comark Datalogger for capture of proof of treatment data.

Sterifeed S180 ECO pasteurisers have fully automatic operation through the pasteurisation and rapid chilling cycles. This model can treat up to 18 litres of donor breast milk in a pasteurisation run, depending on the bottle and basket configuration. Runs can accommodate up to 72 bottles ( 130ml or 250ml) using single layer bottle baskets. When using double layer baskets, Safety Foil Seal Bottles and the Sterifeed Safety Cap Sealer, this can be increased to double the capacity of 130 ml bottles treated to 144 bottles. Basket configurations are available for 50ml, 130ml and 250ml bottles.

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To watch an overview of how Sterifeed Pasteurisers operate, see the video below.

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