Sterifeed Bottles with Foil Safety Seal Caps

Sterifeed Bottles with Foil Safety Seal Caps

For treatment, storage and distribution of DBM. Combine with Sterifeed Latex-Free Teat (with integral collar) for infant feeding. Use in Human Milk Banks and for DBM distributed in-hospital, intra-hospital and to the community. High quality bottles designed with absolute safety in mind.

Foil Safety Seal Bottle Range
One of the most important developments from Sterifeed is the induction sealed cap closure for DBM (donor breastmilk) storage bottles, providing absolute security during pasteurisation, storage and transportation until the point of use.

Made from food grade clarified polypropylene. 100% free of Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol S (BPS), DEHP, Latex, Phthlates, Cyclic Siloxanes and Nitrosamines.

Sterifeed Foil Seal Bottles are ideal for Human Milk Banks, incorporating a hermetic safety seal that:

  • Prevents any risk of water ingress during pasteurisation and rapid chilling
  • Maximises shelf life of the pasteurised DBM
  • Ensures absolute, tamper evidence and biosecurity during storage and distribution of pasteurised DBM

The foil seal is activated by use of the Sterifeed Safety Induction Cap Sealer. The resulting tamperproof seal features a tab that enables aseptic technique when removing the foil seal for infant feeding.

As with all Sterifeed Bottles:

  • High clarity materials aid visualisation of contents
  • Accurate, easy to read graduations
  • Strong, rigid bottles eliminate the possibility of accidental force-feeding that can occur with more flexible bottles
  • Baby and environmentally friendly material.

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Foil seal bottles catalogue no.s

14194 – 50ml in tamper evident bags, boxes of 100
14195 – 130ml in tamper evident bags, boxes of 100
14196 – 250ml in tamper evident bags, boxes of 100

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