Pledge of $15 Million to Support Australian Expansion of Milk Banks and Extra Breastfeeding Support

In the lead up to the federal election, the opposition leader Bill Shorten has made a pledge of over $15 million, should he be elected, towards extra breastfeeding support for newborns and $7 million going towards expansion of the Australian Red Cross Milk Bank, nationally.

The Red Cross Milk Bank currently has its processing centre in Sydney, where it treats donated breastmilk using two Sterifeed Breastmilk Pasteurisers – an S90 ECO and an S180ECO supplied by Nascor. This donor breastmilk is then distributed to hospitals in SA and NSW. With the extra funding Red Cross would add an extra processing centre in Brisbane and service centres in other states and territories, it’s been reported in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Other milk banks in Australia include the Queensland Milk Bank located at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital; Prem Bank located at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, and Mercy Milk Bank located at Mercy Hospital in VIC, and there are a number of other smaller milk banks. Nascor and Sterifeed are proud to have supplied all Australian milk banks with Sterifeed Pasteurisers.

This expansion would provide an excellent safety net for parents of almost 4000 babies born very premature each year in Australia. Donated breastmilk is offered to very premature babies who’s mums are not able to breastfeed initially, or longer term, in place of formula.

You can read more detail in this article in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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