Sterifeed T30 Compact Pasteuriser

  • Compact model fits on a bench top
  • 3 litre maximum capacity (12 bottles of 130ml or 250ml)
  • Full data logging verification of ‘milk’ temperature throughout cycle and rapid refrigerated cooling to less than 10°C
  • Environmentally friendly – low water volume usage
  • No minimum incoming water temperature required

This compact, 3 litre semi-automatic Sterifeed Pasteuriser was designed for smaller Human Milk Banks and neonatal departments catering for their own patients.

The performance of the T30 and quality of treatment of donor human milk is identical to that of the larger S90 and S180 Pasteurisers.

Treatment of donor milk meets all Australasian and International guidelines, including controlled refrigeration cooling to 10°C without compromising safety. Competing products overseas using fluctuating cold tap water cooling cannot provide this safety level.


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