Safety Cap Sealer

The Sterifeed Cap Sealer is an easy to use heat induction sealer for safety sealing bottles. It’s used with Sterifeed bottles supplied with integral foil seal caps.

The hand tool is applied over the cap of the bottle. The cap of the bottle has a metal foil wadding inside. The sealer heats the cap and the foil seal in the cap attaches to the top of the bottle, creating a hermetic seal. Sealing takes 2-3 seconds.

The Sterifeed cap sealer is the ultimate in donor breastmilk pasteurisation safety, as it facilitates submersion of bottles in double layer pasteuriser baskets for both the heating and cooling processes.

The hermetic seal prolongs shelf life and ensures absolute tamper evident and biological security for Human Milk during pasteurisation, storage and transportation, up to the point of use.



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