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Nascor was established in 1986 as an Australian designer and developer of innovative neonatal products, for use in the special care and intensive care settings. Since the early 2000s Nascor has focused on supporting hospital-based and community champions of milk banking – making available donor breastmilk to sick and pre-term neonates whose mother’s own milk is not available – with equipment for safe, state of the art, treatment of donated breastmilk. In conjunction with this, Nascor continues to supply hospitals in all states with Breastmilk Storage and Infant Feeding Bottles, as well as supplying Bottle Teats and Safety Seal Bottle technology.

Nascor supplies all established Australasian breastmilk banks with the Sterifeed® Pasteurisers (UK), the gold standard in safe pasteurisation worldwide, in-use throughout Europe, S.America, Asia and the developing world, and fast-growing in N.America. We offer almost 20 years of knowledge and experience to support establishing milkbanks through planning and setup.

Nascor is proud to be a driver in establishing human milk banking in Australasia by representing World-leading technology in human milk pasteurisation from Sterifeed®, UK.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with sales office and warehouse in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Nascor has a pre- and post-sales service for its pasteurisers unrivalled in the medical industry in Australia. We are careful to train and fully support the staff involved in the milk banking, to a level that enables them to deliver a safe and efficient service to their hospital, health district or community.